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with a conscience.

18K recycled gold & lab-grown diamonds
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The ultimate ear party

We're adding hoops, studs, earcuffs, add-ons and a stylish earclimber to our core collection. Mix & match to create your perfect ear party.

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Lab grown diamonds

Your guilt-free alternative

Did you know there is no visible difference between lab grown and earth-mined diamonds? The only difference is their origin. Being created in a lab, lab grown diamonds guarantee an earth-friendlier and conflict-free supply chain.

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Sustainable jewelry for any occasion
Stack inspiration

All our conscious rings are stackable and can be combined as you please. You can go bold with 3 combos on 1 hand or keep it simple and match the right ring with your mood.

Possibilities are endless to find the perfect stack for any occasion.

Our mission

Creating conscious jewelry

Handmade in Antwerp with love for our planet, its resources and its people.

Together we put the love in fine jewelry.

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Our commitment to you and Mother Earth

Juna Fae jewelry ethical lab grown diamonds
Juna Fae jewelry clean 18k gold
Juna Fae jewelry recycled packaging
Juna Fae jewelry conscious production
Alyssa ring vintage Juna FaeClean 18K gold jewelryStackable jewelry made of lab grown diamonds and 18k recycled gold

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